Assurant BPO Solutions Inc. is a global leader of BPO, KPO and managed services solutions. We service clients in the Pharmaceutical, BPO, Logistics, Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, Human Resources, Survey and Analysis fields. It is experience in these multiple verticals that has allowed Assurant to develop best practices for continued growth and service delivery. We pride ourselves on Implementing and managing customized solutions for our clients.

Our firm has a proven history of helping companies cost effectively acquire new customers while maximizing profits by retaining and growing their existing clientele. Assurant, has been a pioneer of introducing and supporting innovative business solutions in multiple verticals.

Whether applying our expertise to Managed Services, Customer Acquisition, Customer Service, Help Desk, or KPO Services, Assurant delivers dynamic scalable business solutions to fit small to medium sized companies. The Assurant management team has an average of 18 years of Call Centre and BPO experience at the senior level while the middle management team averages 12-15 years of experience. Our strategy has always been to build a long term synergistic management team which we can leverage on our client’s behalf.

Assurant BPO Solutions Inc. has been a global provider of ITES (IT Enabled Services). In the Philippines, Assurant’s delivery is through a state of the art customized solutions. Though our services are compatible for clients from any industry, we excel in designing and implementing a wide spectrum of call center initiatives ranging from inbound customer care, chat support, sales and help desk, to outbound services ÔÇô along with in-language services.

As our vision guides us towards being a customer centric company that focuses on understanding your specific needs, we deliver results by building marketing partner chemistry with our clients based on expertise, integrity, responsiveness and hands-on implementation.

Assurant BPO Solutions Inc. is committed to providing service excellence with the high standards that your company requires in providing a seamless interface with your customers.



By excellence we mean that we aim to simply be the best services organization globally; not the largest but simply the best. Every single human interaction will be personalized and touched with excellence, respect, courteousness & integrity crafted into an innovative solution.



  • Complete transparency
  • Cost effective and consistent on-site support
  • Efficient logistics management
  • Site customization to best suit your needs
  • Reliable marketing collaterals to give you that edge
  • Co-Branding to better position you
  • Personalized & customized service with a touch of excellence
  • A boutique environment


No matter how small our client, how complex their need; we will innovatively customize & personalize a solution just for them.

Excellence and pride in everything we do.

Respect in every single human interaction.

Courteous in every conversation.

An inner sense of wholeness governing every action resulting in consistency of actions leading to excellence.

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